Damixa has in recent years undergone a transformation which has resulted in a streamlined business ready to face the challenges of the future. The company has retained its strengths while implementing changes in other key areas.  

Damixa is known all over the world for its excellent and stylistically consistent Danish design, high functionality and great user-friendliness through innovation. These are qualities that have been prioritised since Damixa was founded in 1932 and that will still be the case in the future.

“We long ago proved that we have a place on both the domestic and the global markets, but we have been through the business with a fine toothcomb to streamline our organisation and procedures. This has been done on the basis of a new strategy plan that we decided on about a year ago,” explains Managing Director Lars Bladt.

The result is a razor-sharp differentiation between the company’s core skills which Damixa wishes to develop in the future and the services that can be purchased more cheaply elsewhere – at the same excellent quality level.

 Flexible and competitive

“At Damixa we are ready to meet the various requirements of the market on extremely competitive terms. We have subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden and the Benelux countries and a strong agent network in the rest of the world,” explains Lars Bladt. Damixa is again a Danish-owned company and has been for about a year. Managing Director is Lars Bladt.

Doing what we are best at

“We have outsourced the labour-intensive work. We have our parts manufactured by talented suppliers in countries with lower wage levels. In Denmark we are concentrating on the functions that we are really good at and where location is important to our customers. This means that we assemble our products in Denmark and quality-assure them here. We continue to have a large, Danish service division and everything related to design, functionality and innovation will stay in Denmark,” asserts Lars Bladt and reveals that there will be exciting news from Damixa this year.

A brief history

Damixa was set up in Odense in 1932 and was originally part of the Smith & Co (SCO) group which was known for its manufacture of motorcycles. In the beginning, Damixa produced portholes and frying pans, but one day the managing director at the time met an exciting manufacturer of single-grip tap fittings in New York. That was in 1966 and Damixa immediately seized the opportunity to become the first European producer of single-grip tap fittings. Taps replaced the motorcycle parts and frying pans, and over the years Damixa has become an international play focusing on elegant, Danish design as well as functionality and user-friendliness from a consumer perspective.